Purpose-Led Design

The Scandinavian principles for great design are a synthesis of simplicity, functionality, and livability. Add sustainability and nature to the equation, and happiness is inevitable. Leveraging forward-thinking elements such as Passive House design principles, heat recovery ventilation technology, adaptable layouts, and a European aesthetic that uses quality materials, Oslo is built to make living a better and enduring experience.

Here, neighbours can socialize in the ample courtyard space while children can explore the multiple play areas. Stroll through the gardens, lounge in the open air, or share a meal and conversation at the harvest table. Amenities carry indoors to include private and public study hubs and a family-sized kitchen and dining area for large gatherings with loved ones.

Creating this sense of community and connection leads to greater wellbeing for years to come.

HRV Summary


A heat recovery ventilation system (HRV) and Passive House design principles in every Oslo home will enhance the way you experience day-to-day living.

Health Perks

Unlike other systems, the HRV system is comprised of non-toxic materials to continually clean the air, so your home is always clean and fresh. This can lead to better sleep, reduced allergies, increased concentration, and a healthier body.


With HRV, a high-quality building envelope, efficiently-sealed windows and doors, and exterior insulation, tomorrow’s living standards are experienced today, increasing the value of your home.

Energy Savings

By decreasing or eliminating heat loss and recovering existing heat that has already been generated within the home, your energy bills will be significantly lower.

Environmentally Friendly

Through the SFU district energy system, heat is supplied from the on-site biomass plant using wood waste, providing heat energy from a sustainable source along with reduced green house gas emissions.

Everyday Comfort

Unpleasant kitchen odours are vented to the outside and cold spots or winter drafts are nonexistent. You will always experience a well-ventilated climate to your liking.

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